School administrators from Our Lady of Good Counsel, St. Joseph, St. Peter and St. Therese of Jesus Schools, pastors from seven parishes and the Aurora Task Force Committee are pleased to announce the combining of our schools and creation of a new school, Pope St. John Paul II Catholic Academy starting in August 2018. Pope St. John Paul II Catholic Academy will have two campuses, a north campus located at St. Joseph parish and a south campus located at Our Lady of Good Counsel parish.

The facilities decision was made after a thoughtful process which included facility assessments for all four schools to evaluate the ideal locations based on size, structure, current and anticipated maintenance needs, amenities like spacious gymnasiums and other variables.

While we are excited about the progress, there is still much work to be done to finalize Pope St. John Paul II Catholic Academy’s launch in 2018 – 2019.

We are excited with the spirit of collaboration among our seven parishes and the opportunities to build an amazing Catholic educational and spiritual experience for our students.